God's Therapeutic Gift


One of the top three questions I get asked as an organizer is, "How did you get started in that business?"  It's a reasonable question especially for those who view organizing as a painful task.  I reply, with a BIG SMILE, this is something I have always done, it's my natural born "sickness," or it's therapy for me.  I LOVE to organize, and I do genuinely feel it is my therapy - just ask my husband.  There have been many a time where I have emptied a drawer or closet so that I can put it all back together.  We recently moved into a new home, and I have tweaked the kitchen at least five times - perfecting as I go. 


As my relationship with God grows I know my knack and talent for organizing is a real gift from Him.  A gift bestowed upon me to help me "deal" with my tumultuous upbringing - indeed my therapy.  I could not control my parent's chaotic relationship, the abuse, the yelling, and screaming.  Living in a domestic violence shelter.  All the times we/I moved the lack of financial resources, the feeling of uncertainty and always living in a swirl of chaos. What I could manage was my surroundings; my toys were always neat and organized, as we moved I was quick to get my spaces unpacked, with limited financials I learned resourcefulness {I can make a lot with cardboard boxes}.  Organizing quickly became my therapy.  


It was something I did for fun on Friday nights; my friends quickly learned all they had to say was messy space and I'll feed you.  It wasn't until I was in my late 30's that I pursued organizing as a career, people had been telling me I should since my early 20's.  As it has been said, it was in God's perfect timing.  I feel very blessed to have the gift of organizing; blessed that it helped me as a child growing up, that I have been able to create harmony for so many individual's and families, and blessed to love what I do every day.


Now you know the real reason I am an organizer, I didn't choose it, it was gifted to me by God knowing that I would need a therapeutic release.  What is your talent?  Have you felt the nudge but are ignoring it?  I challenge you to not ignore the nudges of your talents; God has a purpose for you, don't ignore it. 


Loving his Grace,





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