This is a great sermon, step out from the shade and into your life purpose.  Haven't set your goals yet for 2019, this is a must watch, prepare to be moved!!  

Link to the video is HERE

Pastor Amie Dockery preached this sermon as a start to 2018.  I enjoyed listening to this again especially as we are closing out 2018, the sermon reminded me to listen to God, his promises, and to really pay attention to my self-talk.  I am very aware of the benefits a...

The shift we have to make is God never made us to be defensive, we are created to be offensive.  Step into your authentic life. 

God has our life’s purpose determined. Satan tries to tempt us into fights that divert from our purpose and separate us from the work of...

Pastor Alex Seeley shares a great word on overcoming anxiety, fear, and worry.  Love listening to her messages. 

What cares do you need to turn over?  I struggled with paralyzing worry for years, I am still challenged with it from time to time but now I know the si...

All these pieces
Broken and scattered
In mercy gathered
Mended and whole
But not forsaken
I've been set free
I've been set free

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me, oh
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

Oh, I...

Pastor Alex Seeley shares a great message on pain relating to purpose. Great word I needed to hear this week. Are you currently working through a pain...

Great sermon on giving grace!!  Worth the listen.  How often are you giving grace to other's, including yourself??  

From our series "My Crazy Family." For more information and to access other messages from this series visit

Run devil, run devil
Run devil, run

I got somethin' make the devil gonna run
He been dancin' till the break of dawn
Devil gon' try to take a shot at me
He got none, but baby I got three

He tryna make a fool outta me
Y'all takin' out my sanity
He ain't nothin' but a silve...

Such a beautiful song from Hillsong United 

This song is about God as an artisan, this song is about God as an artist working his masterpiece, a work of art called love. And it began with creation and it goes through the whole story where it was finished at the cross. A...

Don't let fear {which is from the enemy} keep you from living the life you are destined to live.  When it starts creeping into your mind listen to this song, print the words, say them to yourself in the mirror.  Fear is a liar!   ~ Nicole

When he told you...

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This picture makes me smile.  Emma is my step-doggy who I treat like a child.  We had to include her in our wedding day, although she was not in the ceremony just in pics.  Inspiration comes in all forms, pictures, scriptures, words from friends.  Inspiration creates smiles, laughter, warm feelings, can turn a bad day to good.   


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