Hi! I'm Nicole

I am currently 40 years old; the picture above is I on my wedding day at 39 years old.  I never ever ever ever thought I would get married.  Like never ever ever.  I knew I didn’t want to grow old alone but the idea of marriage was scary and not even on my to do list of life.  How did I decide to get married?  Why didn’t I ever think I would get married??  What was the big epiphany that explained all the reasons I help up walls and was that scared girl on the inside.   My hope is to explain all that over time as I share my Life by Grace.

Life – one’s manner of living

By – according to

Grace - is love that seeks you out when you have nothing to give in return. Grace is love coming at you that has nothing to do with you. Grace is being loved when you are unlovable…. The cliché definition of grace is “unconditional love.” It is a true cliché, for it is a good description of the thing.

My hopes in sharing my stories and journey to believing truly that I live a life by grace, and have been covered by His grace even when I did not know him, is that others will relate in some way and find the healing, hope, grace, joy, whatever my stories speak to you. 


My first confession; I did not major in English and I write like I speak and how the ideas come to me in my head.  When I blog for my business I pay an editor to “fix” my writing.  For now, I hope you will extend me some grace and not judge.  I know there will be grammatical errors and sometimes my thoughts might seem jumbled.  I feel to be transparent I must rely on word and hope for the best.  I commit to be real and transparent. 


With love,




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